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bald eagle

Bald Eagle on the FrederickHouse River

We’re part of something bigger than the 130 acres of serene northern wilderness we sit upon. We are the embarking point on the Frederick House River where the last set of rapids stills to flat-water and wanders on it’s way to the James Bay Frontier, a journey taken before us when voyageurs and fur traders paddled canoes on route to the Moose River and the communities of Moosonee and Moose Factory and the Hudson’s Bay Trading Post.

From our landing you have access to over 100 miles of boating on the Frederick House, Abitibi and Driftwood Rivers. For the adventurers who wish to follow the historic route to James Bay, with canoes or kayaks, you can portage 3 hydro dams, Island Falls, Abitibi Canyon, and Otter Rapids. You may then return by rail on the Ontario Northland Railway’s Polar Bear Express.

No matter the distance you decide to travel, we caution everyone to monitor the weather and prepare for change, carry maps and extra fuel, and stay focused on your route to ensure your safe return. The river holds many gifts for those that respectfully navigate it’s waters.

Sightings of wildlife are a common everyday occurrence. Moose feeding on a far shoreline, bald eagles and osprey soaring the sky, and at the end of the day the most beautiful sunset to be seen. Keep the camera handy for these special moments.

If you’re out for the catch of the day you needn’t go far, some folks say the best fishing is right in front of the camp! Walleye and Northern Pike are the abundant species, and just as many are caught from the shoreline, as from a boat. So pack up your tackle box and your fishing rod and put out your “Gone Fishing” sign and let the fun begin!